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The Beginning Of Our US National Parks Journey

“Traveling in the company of those we love is home in motion.” - Leigh Hunt

I visited Acadia with my then boyfriend, now husband in 2004. When I looked back, it was a fun time, but I didn't feel like I "know" Acadia National Park at all. I went there for a hike, a place to visit, but not as a national park visit. At that time, I didn't know much about US National Parks, and its history. Fast forward 14yrs later, we returned to Acadia with our children who were 8 and 6yrs old. I did a lot of research about Acadia National Park before the trip. Just like any mom, I wanted to know what the park has to offer, what activities we can do, what hikes our kids can do, where we can eat. I felt like I know the Acadia National Park and the Bar Harbor town at the back of my hand even before we get there. Since this trip, the feeling I have for national parks is no longer the same. It gave me a deeper feeling of appreciation for the beautiful natural landscape of our country, the history behind them, the wonderful work that the park rangers continue to put in everyday to keep these national parks beautiful, and the yearn to explore the next national park.

We started our National Parks Journey in June 2018, and we had visited 18 National Parks and some monuments/destinations in the last 2.5 years. With a little bit of planning, you can see many of these national parks in one trip. When I started out, I thought that we would do it once and be done with it. I can tell you that this is no longer true. Every National Park that we visited, I wanted to come back for more. I wish to retire and just do NP hopping in a CamperVan with my husband!

US National Parks are truly one of the America's priceless treasures. I can't recommend it enough! When people ask me which national park is my favorite so far, I absolutely cannot tell them which one because every national park is unique in its own way. I hope my story can spark your interest to take that first national park trip. National park trips are truly good for the soul! It's definitely not one of those relaxing vacation trips. We do lots of hiking, minimal to no internet, lots of quality family time and memories........It truly is a blessing. Watching my husband and kids exploring the national parks, free of worry, free of internet is priceless. It makes all the hard work put into planning worthwhile.

As we made our way through national parks in 2020, we are incredibly thankful for our beautiful country! Our love for National Parks continue .... and can’t wait to check off more NP in 2021. I hope you will join us #GettingLostInTheWanderlust by starting #NationalParksJourney It doesn't matter what your hiking ability is or how young your kids are, YOU CAN DO IT!


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